Monday, November 23, 2009

far apart from me...

while i'm typing b frank, my mind is not 100% with me..half of it had been buried with all my burden...watching my frens "nakal"...lokking at my heart face...i felt dat i'm ready to move on with my next life...i wnted to walk on moon..reaching up high da sky...touch da it all jz my dream...dat for sure will not came at least...i got a dream..i learn to not be gud to others anymore*dun blame me fo it*...i ran, i walk, i slept...i'm one ordinary i'm hyper!!so what???u cant accpt as part of ur life coz i'm boyish??coz i'm hyper???go to hell moron!!i dun even care what u wanna tink bout me!!!huh!!laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Show me da meaning of being lonely…

Is juz da feeling I need to walk with..

Tell me y, I can’t b there where u r..

There’s sumtink missing in my life…

This song is by backstreet boys...still remember it???my cuzen bring back da memories with old songs….thanx bg mi..hahahaha…hm, well, dis song really close with my heart…it really symbolize my feeling rite now…show me da meaning of being lonely…since I’ve been apart from u…yes u…I can say, my heart is half empty…I dunno y, but I jz cant get rid of u from my mind…yes, I did said dat I wanna make as if I never noe, I juz can’t…demn!!!to u my lovely backstabber fren, thanx for taking dis person from me…n I’m pretty sure, u wanna take another one from me..what the FUCK!!!!i never intrude ur life..never take anybody dat u love or care…bt y must u do like dis to me???what da HECK!!to b frank, actually dude…I can’t really see ur face coz I felt like smashing ur face towards da floor!!!i really meant it…n I noe u will read my blog…so, I juz dun care anymore..i’m tired of giving up all my love n them who I care so much to u…yes u busterd!!!fuck!!!if u wanna touched with my words..then go to hell!!!dis quotes is for u…da motherfucker attitude fren!!!

I love them o yes I do…

They r fo me…

Not fo u..

N if by chance..

U take my place..

I’ll take my fist..

And SMASH ur face!!!


I’m out of breath…

Well, dis week, is da most hectic week in my life..demn!!i hate it..huh!!!so much tink dat need to b done with…soooooo much…until da stage dat I felt like DYING!!siyesly…bt what cn I say..dat is part n parcel of life aite???i cn only redha with it…hm, now…abit of my burden is gone..dat is my mid term exam…next is, futsal, mmc activities n annual dinner…I’m kind of tired, bt I’m pretty sure, we’ll cum out with great result soon…heheheee…my bobo is cuming back from aussie..hahhah…cant wait to c his fat face..ahagagggaga….later…

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

She who I knew for 2 & ½ years

  • Super hyper girl.
  • Good hearted girl.
  • Boyish but she is my princess.
  • Jealousy!!
  • Never like to share them who she love & care with others.
  • She know how to make people around her smile.
  • Great disciplines.
  • My Shugga_Bubu
  • She’s a family type girl.
  • Great talent as good listener.
  • She always got the idea how to solve a problem.
  • She was born to be a decision maker.
  • Taken by me.
  • Bad tempered girl.
  • Her family called her “Sayang”
  • Good fighter.
  • She’s a excellent guardian.
  • She hate traitor!!
  • Kids love her. Trust me!
  • Stubborn.
  • She respect people that is older than her.
  • She’s obsessed with teddy bears.
  • Once she had make her mind, no body could stop her.
  • She hate pink!!
  • She’s a vengeful.
  • She know how to keep one heart from broken.
  • General knowledge is her expertise.
  • She love mother nature and animal.
  • Don’t like rude people.
  • With her, you’ll never cry.
  • Hate discrimination.

Bubu, I’d known you for 2 and ½ years. You are the best that I ever had. Love,

You’re A.M.N,


Monologue for juniors….

This time, I will write in Malay + English obviously...its been quite sumtimes fo me to make up my mind, write sumtink about u guys…my juniors, I’m writing dis blog jz to xpress my P.O.V about u guys…since day 1, u guys seems dun hve respect towards us as ur seniors…what the heck!!ktowg x mnx kowng sujud kaki ktowng pon…jz respect us like we respect u as our juniors…the 1st batch of juniors…if I’m nt mistaken, early march…(I take it coz dat moment, I’m a fully seniors)..cre kowng pndang ktowang yg senior, as if ktowang junior kowang n kowang senior ktowang…LOSER!!!!kowang xde respect kt ktowang…tgo pon mcm bgos…nk pndg kerek sume…pe masalah kowang???stakat bru jd juniors, jgn nk menggelabak ah…menyampah ktowang…pas uh prasan ah yg ktowang slalu pndg2 kowang ah…e2 ah…ini ah…FYI, mke ko uh mnx pnyepak aku je!!dh kne sound tepek pon lg nk tnjuk bgos…pas uh de plak ctegories yg nk obses2 ngan owng…gle babi pe kowang???hak alahai…lemah aku tgk kowang neyh taw x…cm budak2…ngan kes nk push2 minat lg…adoi…dh owang x ske uh…jgn la pkse…ko pkey ko great sgt???(annoyed us like hell!!!)bt, I have to admit…x smua juniors yg macm uh…bt majorities r…yg okey yg ktowang tgk…fara(adik team ktowang)…“double-trouble”(nia & finy)…mr.buncit(shapix)…n few others la…mang okey to us…respect pon de…hurm, ha…notes to u guys…others junior…slagi ktowang respect kowang as juniors…respect la ktowang blik ye…bkn kt ktowang je…kt sume seniors yg len…n to all staff kt kolej uh pon ye…laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr