Tuesday, November 3, 2009

She who I knew for 2 & ½ years

  • Super hyper girl.
  • Good hearted girl.
  • Boyish but she is my princess.
  • Jealousy!!
  • Never like to share them who she love & care with others.
  • She know how to make people around her smile.
  • Great disciplines.
  • My Shugga_Bubu
  • She’s a family type girl.
  • Great talent as good listener.
  • She always got the idea how to solve a problem.
  • She was born to be a decision maker.
  • Taken by me.
  • Bad tempered girl.
  • Her family called her “Sayang”
  • Good fighter.
  • She’s a excellent guardian.
  • She hate traitor!!
  • Kids love her. Trust me!
  • Stubborn.
  • She respect people that is older than her.
  • She’s obsessed with teddy bears.
  • Once she had make her mind, no body could stop her.
  • She hate pink!!
  • She’s a vengeful.
  • She know how to keep one heart from broken.
  • General knowledge is her expertise.
  • She love mother nature and animal.
  • Don’t like rude people.
  • With her, you’ll never cry.
  • Hate discrimination.

Bubu, I’d known you for 2 and ½ years. You are the best that I ever had. Love,

You’re A.M.N,


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