Thursday, November 19, 2009


Show me da meaning of being lonely…

Is juz da feeling I need to walk with..

Tell me y, I can’t b there where u r..

There’s sumtink missing in my life…

This song is by backstreet boys...still remember it???my cuzen bring back da memories with old songs….thanx bg mi..hahahaha…hm, well, dis song really close with my heart…it really symbolize my feeling rite now…show me da meaning of being lonely…since I’ve been apart from u…yes u…I can say, my heart is half empty…I dunno y, but I jz cant get rid of u from my mind…yes, I did said dat I wanna make as if I never noe, I juz can’t…demn!!!to u my lovely backstabber fren, thanx for taking dis person from me…n I’m pretty sure, u wanna take another one from me..what the FUCK!!!!i never intrude ur life..never take anybody dat u love or care…bt y must u do like dis to me???what da HECK!!to b frank, actually dude…I can’t really see ur face coz I felt like smashing ur face towards da floor!!!i really meant it…n I noe u will read my blog…so, I juz dun care anymore..i’m tired of giving up all my love n them who I care so much to u…yes u busterd!!!fuck!!!if u wanna touched with my words..then go to hell!!!dis quotes is for u…da motherfucker attitude fren!!!

I love them o yes I do…

They r fo me…

Not fo u..

N if by chance..

U take my place..

I’ll take my fist..

And SMASH ur face!!!


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  1. ko ni lonely npe plak sha..haha

    eh akak da tuka link tau

    ni my new link..