Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blame ur self for ur own mistakes…

9 sept 09

Well, I always hear such blaming statement such as, “ my parents r da reason 4 me to b like dis”, “he’s da one who make me suffer”, “she’s da one who scold me for the reason dat I dunno” n I juz cn say…DUN B STUPID!!!have u ever think dat, all da mistakes dat u have done, the main source is ur self???u r big enough to think…so, think..i’ve been told by sumone, to used my brain nt my instinct..i did it, n now I noe da meaning…I always make mistakes..well, who doesn’t rite??b4, I used to use my feeling n nt my brain…n as a result, it nearly killed me..huhu…so, used ur doesn’t mean dat if ur parents gives u the freedom, u cn do anytink dat u like n at the of it, u blame them for the decision dat u, ur ownself make…dun b stupid…n dun jz simply blame others for ur situation nw…recently, there’s one incident, I cn say, stupid I make one good decision there…coz I settle it using my brain…n I act really matured…dat’s what k.dudu n k.lyssa said..hahaahah….well, what makes me surprised n demn shock is…when they love to hear from one side, n they said, dat main problem with me n that BFL,is cause by my jr…hellooooooo!!!what on earth makes u tink like dat???dun be stupid…n dun act stupid,although ur one…be matured..u r in cllege nw..not in the kindergarten or sumwhere dat u cn make such stupid action…huh!!okey, as I cn say u BFL, if u read my blog…I dun care juz to say, I HATE U!!!!n I DUN EVEN GIVE A DEMN SHIT TO UR FEELING!!!n PLEASE STOP MESSING OTHER PEOPLE LIFE…B4, WE MESSED UP UR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!laterrrrr

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