Wednesday, September 16, 2009


16 sept 09

Well, I tink most of us always stuck in dis kind of situation rite???hurm, let me b clear, MY LIFE FULL OF DIS KIND OF PEOPLE!!!!!got it???n I’m demn sick of it….really!!!!huh!!well, I hate a bonding called friendship dat been build with pretending n selfiness of yours!!juz imagine when they only tink bout their selves n never tink bout others when they make such stupid DECISION!!!hw bout if I make da same decision like yours, n hw do u feel??u must be demn temper rite??so do I, NOW..i’m getting bored of all dis..u guys dun seems to care for others feeling…only tink bout urselves n ur own pleasure…what the heck!!urgh!!they dun seems to understand what others feel I tink…never mind…I always believe in karma…what goes around cums around…so, jz wait for da time when u, urself felt what I felt now..jz wait okey!!!hm, okey…about pretenders..well, jz stop being pretenders okey…stop lying dat u really care or into sumone, bt da facts is not…the pain dat da person felt is soooo much pained okey….jz tink bout them…if u dun pity urself, jz pity them…okey…till then, laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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