Friday, September 4, 2009

N I’m juz like…y u’re so obsessed with me????

30th Aug 09

This lyrics belong to song title obsessed by Mariah Carey…well, what makes me write this kind of lyrics in my blog??let say dat I’m sick with this one particular person…let me make it clear,SICK!!!okey, although this person didn’t “kacau” me the way she treat her friends make me more sick…I’m close with one of her friend…this kid which I treat like my small sis…have sum common with me…stubborn!!temper!!crazy!!!n kind of into fashionista…aggaagagag…well, dis kid which I irritated with had done da same action to her friend dat is dis small kid, like she had done to me…aiyark!!!my words getting difficult to be understand...hahahaha...well, gul..if u read dis blog…juz stop being so OBSESSED with others…coz obsession really a true killer okey…it will nt only kill u..but my P.O.V..i tink better it only kill u rather than others…coz the main prob is u!!!!got it!!!laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..

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