Sunday, September 6, 2009

Comments for u DUMB2!!!

5 Sept 09

Well, yesterday my buddy, Dyha sumtink in one of dis stupid idiot myspace page…n it make me wanna comment sumtink about it…lately, bunch of idiot appeared in our cllge n making mess with our clan…ya2, we know we’re famous n fabulous…bt please lar…mind ur own business!!we dun messed u up, n please dun messed us up!!dumb2 u!!huh!!well, I am boyish..n most of us in my group style is our own style…funky bt still okey…as I cn say, all of us love latest things in market…n u noe what??theres sumone, or I can say MORON…said dat we’re r copying her style!!hello!!!!we’re not like u..lame!!we know hw to dressed up n nt like u, over doing in everytink!!LOSER!!!n as if we like ur fashion..urghhhhh!!!fucking idiot!!i really hate dis kind of people…really!!next, its about bunch of idiotic in cllege…well, they tried to attract us in I cn say WRONG way!!!they make us feel uneasy…they make us psyco!!crazy!!in fact they r actually!!they’re bunch of sick people from tanjung rambutan I tink!!sucks..hello guys, if u read my blog…go to hell with ur feeling…I dun care…coz I had enough in trying to control my temper n try to give my respect that u dun even deserve to…so, now juz go to hell...I dun give a damn shit to it!!okey…rite guys??hahaahaha…pg mampos r…k..laterrrrrr

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